Birrus DuraGrid
BIRRUS 'DURAGRID' shown above is used in an entry exposed to extreme wet weather. Incorporating a Birrus 'open construction' mat and custom made metal grate system allows the water to filter through the matting and grate to drainage outlets located in the base of the mat well.

The metal grate system fits firmly within a 40mm X 40mm X 3mm angle frame.

A full range of tread inserts are availabe to suit wet conditions. Birrus' open construction Slimline mats are linked with a perforated joining strip to allow for drainage via the metal grate system. Designed for use in external situation where drainage is built into the recess in conjuction with one our 10mm slimline Open Constructed mats the Ultramat, Duramat or Duragrit.

Suitable for: Government and Community Buildings  Industrial  Commercial  Retail  Exterior
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