Manufactured from high grade Sri Lankan coconut coir fibre, this matting system is one of our most popular for interior entrance ways. Birrus PVC backed Coir mats provide excellent performance even in high traffic areas.

The coir fibres are firmly anchored into a strong 3mm damp proof and non slip PVC base by a special moulding process, making it ideal for indoor and sheltered oudoor use. The backing allows for accurate cutting of your Coir mat to the desired size. Any size, curved or straight can be custom cut to order, leaving a clean and secure edge that will not fray. Allow 2-3mm clearance all round, if placing into a recess.

Natural (Honey Brown)
Dyed Black only.

Stock sizes:
Natural - 15mm, 20mm, 23mm and 30mm depths
Dyed - Black Only - 15mm

Surface 100% natural coir
PVC backed
Commercial Grade - heavy use
Designed for Mat Recesses
Perfect for shop & office entrances
Great for brushing dirt as walked across


Suitable for: Government and Community Buildings, Shopping Centres, Airport Terminals, Hospitals, Domestic, Industrial, Commercial, Retail, Interior
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