Birrus Matting Systems
Building Stuff is the exclusive authorised agent for Birrus Matting Systems covering Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

BIRRUS, leading designers and manufacturers of 'Australian Made' architectural entrance matting for more than 60 years.

Birrus produce a prestigious range of products combining attractive aluminium extrusions with a stunning selection of carpet and textured tread inserts to enhance and protect the entrance to your building.

Birrus entry mats are the only entry mat in Australia with a NATA approved slip test rating
(at the time of publication

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Specifications in brief

"Closed" construction (standard) - Depth: 10mm or 16mm

"Open" construction
- Slimline roll-up type. Depth: 10mm only.

Allows drainage/water, dirt and grit to fall through open slots in the
PVC hinge, enabling the mat to be rolled back for cleaning purposes.

: Up to 6 metres wide without unsightly vertical joins.

: 50mm

Birrus matting is custom made to clients specifications. Larger mats are installed in sections and where possible will be sized to enable rotation of mats to maximise life and appearance. It is important to indicate position of doorways to avoid divisions occurring where it is not aesthetically pleasing or at the point of heaviest traffic flow. Mats may be shaped to suit virtually any angled or circular area. A rigid template of the matwell may be required to ensure a good fit.

: Mats are made with nominal 4mm clearance in each direction to allow for metal expansion. Tolerance is ±2mm.

of aluminium sections in black, bronze or gold can be arranged. Price is extra on application. Note: Anodising is a surface coating which will wear over time.


Easy to maintain. Regular cleaning will remove most soiling. Request a Maintenance Instruction Sheet. To extend the life of your Birrus mat a full range of Replacement Inserts is available. It is a simple task, able to be carried out on site, or factory fitted.


Manufacturers Warranty cover applies to all products of Birrus manufacture. Conditions apply.

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